Awards & Recognitions

A glimpse of our march towards successful accolades for the company;
therefore, we are thriving with exponential growth and we await to serve our customers forward in time.

ISO 9001:2015 - Webmehigh

ISO 9001 : 2015 01 August 2021

Compliance with requirements of “Quality Management System”

Google Digital Unlocked

Google Digital Unlocked 21 February 2021

Awarded for the successful completion of “The Fundamental of Digital Marketing”

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Google Digital Sales 20 July, 2021

We know how to sell digital marketing service and products

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Google Ads Fundamentals 26 September, 2021

We know the basic of Google Ads and how to promote your business online

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Google Ads Search 20 July, 2021

We know how to setup your Google Ads Search Campaign and how its works

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Google Ads Display 20 July, 2021

We know how to show ads to your audience via the Google Display Network

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Google Ads Mobile 08 October, 2021

We know how Google Ads can help you reach customers on mobile device

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Google Ads Video 20 July, 2021

We know how TrueView ads work and how to set up an Google Ads video campaign

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Google Ads Shopping 20 July, 2021

We know how to create, manage and optimize your Shopping campaigns